Brewmaster – who love their craft

Beer is like success, it needs to be brewed. Behind the success of the pub brewery stands brewery master
Götz Spieth:

After training and extensive studying in Weihenstephan and at Doemens, Mr. Spieth first worked in a few pub breweries near Munich. He then gathered his experience and became a consultant in the art of beer-brewing and shared his expertise in Thailand, Japan and Puerto Rico, but  more so in Italy. He has been working in South Tyrol for us and another brewery of our association for 7 years now. Due to his professional background in Bavaria, he likes to brew full-bodied beers Bavarian style. However, he also likes to make beers with exotic ingredients, such as lupines and ginger.

His second greatest love is cycling. Be it summer or winter, the sporty brewery-master bikes to work; come rain or shine, believe it or not, Götz Spieth has never caught a cold. We can only assume that it's due to the naturally fortifying, reinvigorating and strengthening ingredients of the AH-beer.

Favourite beer AH-Bräu (AH-Brewery): Pale Ale

Lieblingsbier einer anderen Brauerei: Brewery Eichbaum, beer Ureich (Mannheim)

When he is not brewing, he can be found riding his bike, touring the mountains, skiing and of course drinking beer....