Organic farming

Only the very best products give a freshly tapped, aromatic taste.

We are the only brewery in South Tyrol whose beer is produced exclusively using raw materials from organic farming.

The barley and the wheat for the malt stem come from Demeter or Bioland farms; the organic hops come from Tettnang and the Hallertau; the water comes from our own spring and has the superior drinking-water quality.

In this way, the raw materials that we use are free of chemical or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It is a principle of brewing for us that all of the precious ingredients in our beer are preserved.

Moreover, for the boiling of the beer and for the subsequent fermentation and storage, we use electricity from our own hydropower station. In this way, we produce a high-quality beverage causing minimal environmental pollution.

Code number of the control authority: IT BIO 013