Own brewery

Every brewery pub has its very own beer, its own recipe and its own ritual. It is the master brewer who supervises the refined interplay of water, malt, hops and yeast, for the AH-Bier is unfiltered and in its natural state. In this way, vitamins, ferments and flavours are maintained, and it is these in particular that give the beer its distinctive character.

Only the very best products give a freshly tapped, aromatic taste.
We are the only brewery in South Tyrol whose beer is produced exclusively using raw materials from organic farming.

Moreover, for the boiling of the beers and for the subsequent fermentation and storage, we use electricity from our own hydropower station. In this way, we produce a high-quality beverage causing minimal environmental pollution.

To enrich our range of beverages we also offer a beer liquor. The appeal of the AH-liquor lies in its inimitably strong malt flavour, for it is steeped in the beer's wort together with sugar and a distillate. This base emphasizes the malty nuances of the smooth bitter liquor. To aid digestion after a meal, to drink as a small treat in between, or to give as a thoughtful present, our AH-Liquor is popular everywhere.

Brewed with passion and a love for handicraft,
our AH-beer is truly unique.