The Children's playground/ The Terrace

While you can enjoy a more sophisticated atmosphere in the pub, the terrace, located under shady chestnut trees, boasts a far livelier atmosphere. Our beer garden, with 100 seats and a children's playground, is open on warm sunny days for guests young and old.

The creation of the beer garden is, like so many other things, owed to chance, and to the Bavarian King Ludwig I; it was he who decided that beer could only be brewed during the winter months. But people also liked to drink bottom-fermented beer. In order to ferment, it needs a temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius. As there was no artificial cooling system available at that time, it could not be brewed during the warmer seasons. This consequently meant no bottom-fermented beer in summer; this was unimaginable. For this reason, the canny brewers decided to have

cellars built – up to 12 metres deep – outside town at the river slopes. There the beer was stored and left to ferment in barrels under enormous blocks of ice taken from rivers and lakes during winter.

In order to protect the process from sunlight, the brewers scattered bright pebbles over the cellars and planted shady chestnut trees. At this cosy place in summer, the fresh beer was then served. The word spread quickly and soon hordes of thirsty people came "to the cellar".

So, enjoy your drink as well as your meal, whether it be in the pleasant atmosphere of the Tyrolean "Stube" (lounge) or in the cosy summer beer garden.