Double room

All rooms enchant with their combination of clear, linear modern design and the attention for details. Natural products like selected wood, leather and woven fabrics form a perfect symbiosis with oak parquet floors and exclusive tile coverings. In addition, all rooms suprise with their colour and material combination: cobalt blue walls and tiles provide a sense of royal tranquillity. Blue shades are extremely rare in nature. Since they are hard to obtain, precious and highly symbolic, they have always been considered the colour of the divine.
Once the colour blue was considered more precious than gold. Blue areas tend to reinforce particular specific lighting accents in the rooms, which can be experienced in a very special way. They give the feeling of history on one and an atmosphere of well-being on the other hand.
The new bathrooms are characterized by a clear, puristic modern design. Every bathroom is a silent beauty with a fascinating, contemporary interior. Up to date technology like Flat Screen TVs and WLAN access are standard in all our rooms and suites.